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International Scholarships

UTAS International Scholarships

NEW! 100 International Bursaries up to $10,000 each.

To celebrate the launch of the new Tasmanian School of Business and Economics (TSBE) and 100 years of Economics at UTAS, 100 TSBE International Bursaries up to $10,000 will be available to eligible international students applying for select courses offered by the TSBE. Click here for more information.

UTAS currently offers the following scholarships and discounts to international students.


Tasmanian International Scholarships (TIS)

These faculty/institute funded scholarships provide commencing international students with a 25% reduction in registered tuition fees for the duration of their course. For detailed information, please click on the following weblinks:

10% Tuition Fee Discounts

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UTAS Scholarships and Prizes

UTAS Scholarships for international students completing Year 11 & 12 in Australia

Commencing international students who have completed Years 11 and 12 in Australia and who have a tertiary entrance score can apply for any of the scholarships below and will be considered alongside other applicants. The value of the scholarship will be deducted from the international fees.

National Undergraduate Scholarship (NUG)

Tasmanian University Scholarship (TUS)

A-Z listing of other scholarships

All other commencing international students are not eligible to apply for these scholarships until they have completed at least one (1) semester of studies at UTAS. 

Eligible international applicants who have completed Years 11 and 12 in Australia should apply online through the Student Centre.

UTAS Scholarships for continuing international students

Continuing international students must have completed at least one (1) semester of studies at UTAS to be eligible to apply for scholarships available to continuing students.

For further information regarding these scholarships and to apply online, please visit the Student Centre.

AMC International Scholarships

The University's specialist institute, the Australian Maritime College (AMC), offers the following scholarships to international students.

Postgraduate Research Scholarships

UTAS currently offers a number of postgraduate research scholarships offered at both Masters and PhD level to assist international candidates to complete their higher degree by research on a full time basis. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and research potential. Applicants with proven research abilities are able to apply for a scholarship at any time.  

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)

  • For postgraduate research at Masters or PhD level
  • Apply to UTAS

Elite Research Scholarships

Faculty of Education Half-Fee Scholarship

  • For studies in a Faculty of Education Research Higher Degree program (Master Education Research, PhD)
  • Reduction on tuition fees payable
  • Available for new applicants and continuing candidates
  • Apply to UTAS
  • For further enquiries, please contact the Faculty Research Officer, Cassie Carstens

Menzies Research Institute Postgraduate Research

* For postgraduate research in epidemiology and population health
* Closing date October, 2012
* Apply to UTAS
Application form available September, 2012 on Graduate Research website link

Australian Government Scholarships

Endeavour Awards

The Endeavour Awards are the Australian Government's internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and the Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. Awards are also available for Australians to do the same abroad.

Awards are open to all fields of study and industries, including the education sector. Awards available include:

Application opening and closing dates will vary depending on the scholarship and your intended degree start date. For more information about the Endeavour Awards, including eligibility, selection criteria and the application process, please visit the Endeavour Awards website.

Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

  • For students from nominated countries within Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America and the Pacific regions.
  • For students in postgraduate research and coursework, and some undergraduate programs.
  • Students apply to AusAID Posts in their respective country/region which have been approved by the partner governments. Students should look through this list carefully when deciding upon which areas of study to apply for.
  • Students can also apply for supplementary awards such as the Australia Awards Leadership Program when submitting their Australia Awards Scholarship application. Up to 200 outstanding Australia Awards Scholarship recipients across the globe will be offered a place in the Leadership Program in addition to their scholarship. There is no separate application process.
  • For eligible countries and country-specific eligibility for AAS scholarships, click here

John Allwright Fellowship (JAF) - Australian Council for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)

  • For postgraduate research in agriculture for students from nominated countries
  • Priority themes:  meeting rising demand for animal protein, improving the productivity and efficiency of food crop and forestry systems, better environments from better agriculture, linking farmers to markets
  • Students apply to ACIAR for John Allwright Fellowship
  • For further information, please visit ACIAR

Other International Scholarships

Chilean Bicentennial Fund Scholarships (BECAS Chile)

In July 2008, Universities Australia and the Government of the Republic of Chile established the "Chile-Australia Agreement on Human Capital Development".  The agreement supports up to 500 fully funded Chilean PhD and Masters students each year to study in Australian universities over the next five to ten years.