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PVC - Aboriginal Leadership

ya pulingina! (Welcome!)

The role of Pro Vice-Chancellor, Aboriginal Leadership at the University of Tasmania is to promote a vibrant, intellectual, and highly visible Indigenous (especially Tasmanian Aboriginal) presence within the life, culture and knowledge traditions of the community. The University of Tasmania's Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Engagement (2017-2020) (PDF 1.9 MB) sets out an evidence-based approach to achieve these aims, encompassing programs of supporting student success, innovative teaching and learning, research that supports community development and respects Indigenous cultural and intellectual property, creative and empowering engagement with Aboriginal communities, and effective governance to ensure appropriate use of resources and accountability in decision-making. During 2020, this strategic plan was evaluated and reviewed in order to reflect our philosophy of continual improvement and international best-practice.

The University's Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Greg Lehman, leads a team dedicated to consolidating a whole of University respect and embedding of Indigenous perspectives, knowledges and culture across research, teaching and community partnership. We want to ensure that engaging with the University of Tasmania, whether as a student, staff member or community member, provides the experience of a University that celebrates Aboriginal Tasmania's deep history, its diversity of cultures and values, and continually builds its Aboriginal connections.

Please contact Professor Lehman's office if you have any queries on how the University of Tasmania does its Aboriginal Business.