Transforming our Newnham campus

A vibrant future ahead.

Creating a welcoming place for all

As the University of Tasmania transitions to its new campus at Inveresk, a bright future for Newnham is taking shape as a key commitment under the Launceston City Deal.

Work is underway to create a vibrant, mixed-use Newnham Precinct which supports research and industry engagement, in addition to community facilities and new housing.

Newnham will be home to a range of industry-led facilities including:

  • Expansion of Australian Maritime College infrastructure; and
  • A new $30 million Defence and Maritime Innovation and Design Precinct to foster maritime-specific solutions as well as a broad range of science and technology capabilities, drawing academics from across the country to support Defence Science and Technology
  • A new $15 million Defence Cadet facility
  • A new multi-million-dollar Agricultural Precinct including headquarters for Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania and the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture to drive regional innovation and research

Community facilities will also be embedded across Newnham to support a vibrant and sustainable population in the Northern suburbs.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing will be delivered by Communities Tasmania for residents in a newly developed subdivision

Remediation works

Remediation works are planned for the Newnham Creek to regenerate the environmental habitat and create functional green space

Community services and facilities

The oval, UniGym and Lady Gowrie childcare are expected to remain onsite to provide services and facilities to the community as it continues to grow

Next steps

Plans for Newnham’s future development are well underway to draw together the many uses of the site, including the maritime and defence, timber and agricultural focuses as well as research, innovation, business and industry partnerships..  These will all be located in a new mixed-use village united in Launceston’s northern suburbs, connected to the broader Tamar Valley and Northern Tasmania.

The campus will evolve over time as different existing uses evolve, others relocate and new uses make their way into Newnham. The phasing of change can incrementally inform each new layer that is added to help establish a future identity that is a progression from where the Campus is positioned today to the place it can become in the future.

Urban design consultants Hassell Studios are leading the Newnham Development Strategy (NDS). A key goal of the NDS is to create a truly mixed-use place that comprises a range of new residential homes, commercial office space, health, well-being and community uses as well as aged care, sports precincts, large landscaped areas and the integration of access, movement and services.

By bringing all these uses together the new development for Newnham can, over time, create many benefits for Northern Tasmania through the focus on innovation and community growth — a focus that reflects the region's strengths. The new improvements will also increase opportunities for commercial success and economic uplift for the community.

A Project Positioning Framework (PDF 3.5MB) has been prepared with five principles identified  to guide development of the masterplan.

The five principles when considering future use for the community are:

Principles for Newnham in the future
Principles for Newnham in future

A draft masterplan outlining the possibilities for future usage will be shared in mid-2023. A range of opportunities are being planned for the community to get involved in the conversation and share their thoughts about how they might interact with the area moving forward.