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Pharmacy students learn a Loch abroad

An internship in Scotland proved an amazing experience for two budding pharmacists.

Two University of Tasmania students were lucky enough to explore beautiful Scotland as part of their Pharmacy studies.

Nawwar Alshawi and Tyler Fenton travelled across Scotland over six weeks, learning about Scottish pharmacy practices.

The pair visited partner institution Robert Gordon University, checked out the institution’s facilities, and met with RGU academics.

Tyler, 22, is now working as an intern pharmacist in Melbourne, and “really enjoyed” his time in Scotland.

“I wanted to apply because I had done a bit of research in regards to UTAS overseas placements and UTAS has always had a really good reputation in that area.

I wanted to open up my opportunities and make some new connections. I’d recommend it to anyone. With every student it would really open up their eyes.

Left to right, Tyler Fenton, Dr Ruth Edwards (RGU) and Nawwar Alshawi.

When Tyler finished college he was uncertain about what to study at university.

“My dad said, ‘you’re passionate about medications and helping people, why not become a pharmacist?’”

After chatting with a local pharmacist and seeing the connection between professional and patient, Tyler knew it was the right path for him.

“He was really focused on his patients and I was really touched by that; and I thought, ‘this is what I want to be.’”

Tyler is already building connections with his own patients.

“I like to have a good chat with them when I have time.”

Tyler said he wouldn’t rule out returning to Scotland one day to work.

“I’d like to have more of a role in prescribing. I feel like this is an opportunity to reduce the burden on doctors.”

And the highest point of his trip (literally) for Tyler for a run up Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the British Isles.

“It was a really good run!”

Want to work as a pharmacist? UTAS is the place for you to study.

As well as giving our students unique learning experiences while studying, our Pharmacy graduates are very employable; in fact University of Tasmania Pharmacy students boast a 100 per cent success rate in finding employment.

The Good Education Group’s The Good University Guide 2017, showed our Bachelor of Pharmacy graduates are in high demand, with every pharmacy student successfully finding a full-time job within just four months of graduation.

The Bachelor of Pharmacy Course was also rated highly relative to other Australian programs in the areas of ‘teaching quality’ and ‘skill development.’

University of Tasmania Associate Head of Pharmacy, Associate Professor Luke Bereznicki said “our focus on clinical skills development is what makes our students more employable.

Our graduates are very well prepared for careers in hospital and other practice environments, such as community pharmacies and general practices.

In addition to local hospital placements, Associate Professor Luke Bereznicki said students also had the opportunity to participate in placement activities in medical practices, and to apply for placements with partner institutions in Europe and North America, like Tyler and Nawwar.

Our course is focussed on providing students with the best clinical training we can offer – in our experience this is what is going to be most important for them in the future, no matter where they end up practising as pharmacists.

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