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Strategic Communications Team

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Media on campus

Filming, interviews and photography on University of Tasmania campuses and property

The University is happy to accommodate filming, interviews or photography on our campuses.

Members of the media or others wishing to film, photograph or interview on University campuses are required to alert the Communications and Media Office of their intentions. Media are unable to enter classrooms, lecture theatres, offices or other university spaces for the purpose of filming, photographing or interviewing staff or students unless given permission by the Media Office.

It is asked that media outline the specific kind of footage or photographs they wish to capture, whether that is overlay, general file footage, direct interviews on camera, or photos, as they may require a member of the Media Office to accompany them during their time on campus.

Media must also inform the Media Office if they intend to conduct interviews with staff or students, whether by phone or in person (on camera or not), particularly as some students may be under the age of 18. The Media Office is happy to facilitate interviews wherever possible.