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Discovering the world of theatre beyond the stage

For Lauren Neal, theatre is about storytelling and a world of opportunity.


For Lauren, theatre has always been a passion.

“I’ve always loved theatre in the sense that it tells a story,” she says.

“There’s something really special about inspiring someone in the audience or provoking a connection by bringing up themes.”

But studying at the University of Tasmania is showing Lauren just how much there is still to learn about Theatre and Performance.

“The biggest thing I've learnt from university is how big the theatre world really is,” explains Lauren.

When I was younger I thought you write, you direct, or you act, and that’s it. But at university, we’ve studied design, technical subjects, how festivals work – there’s been such a broad scope of subjects that I didn’t even know existed.

“I never ever thought I’d want to do anything technical, but just being involved in these classes and seeing how important they are to the craft has really opened my eyes.”

And more importantly, Lauren’s been able to take the skills that she developed at university out into the real world.

“By studying at UTAS, I’ve been able to get myself opportunities,” explains Lauren.

“I took a stage management unit last year and then, in the uni break, I travelled to England and was the stage manager for a show. I’d learnt the skills at university to be able to do that.”

And of course, Tasmania’s thriving arts scene also provides plenty of opportunities for emerging theatre and performance practitioners like Lauren.

There’s been so many opportunities where we’ve been able to volunteer including The Unconformity in Queenstown and also being associated with Dark Mofo in Hobart, which has meant we’ve made great contacts for after we graduate as well.

“I like the connection between the University and the community,” she said.

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