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The state that turns everyone into an outdoors person

Sri Lankan international student Upadhya thinks Tasmania has something for everyone.

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When Upadhya Anjalie Balachandra saw photos of Tasmania, she immediately wanted to move here for uni.

“I found it beautiful! I have loved exploring Tasmania while studying here, it has so much to offer.

Before coming to Tassie I was never much of an outdoor person but since being here I have loved taking every chance I get to go explore as many of the stunning places in Tassie as possible.

“I have even taken up surfing! I love that Tassie has something to offer for everyone regardless of how niche their interests may be.”

Upadhya received a scholarship to study here, and she was also keen to get a more personalised uni experience.

It might seem appealing to study business at a large mainland uni but the degree at UTAS offers a more tailored and valuable experience.

“The smaller class sizes mean you are able to approach your lecturers and tutors at any time for help and they are extremely accommodating and supportive,” she said.

“Being a part of a smaller cohort, you get many opportunities for scholarships, internships and other experiences.”

Upadhya is studying advanced financial accounting, accounting theory, environmental resource economics and completing a corporate internship. It’s a significant amount of work, but so far she’s finding everything compelling.

“Being able to study what you’re most passionate about makes learning so much more fun,” she said.

My corporate internship at Metro Tasmania has been an amazing opportunity and I have learned a tremendous amount.

“I want a career in the field of accounting and the internship made me certain that it is the career path I want to follow.”

Upadhya makes sure she divides her time between studying and having fun.

“While I am dedicated to my studies and want to do my best, I also take the time to hang out with my friends and socialise because you build lifelong friendships during your years at uni and I don’t want to miss out on having fun and making memories.

“While I was living at Jane Franklin Hall (accommodation) during my first two years at uni, I had the chance to have a go at a variety of sports I had never played before,” she said.

“I played rugby and AFL for two years and had the best time training and playing. Since leaving JFH, I have been enjoying taking part in other uni clubs such as rock climbing.”

Her advice for other students from Sri Lanka starting at the University of Tasmania is simple: “embrace the chances you get”.

Don’t be scared to introduce yourself to someone new, everyone in Tassie is really nice and welcoming and meeting new people makes the uni experience so much more valuable and much less daunting.

“And make use of the amazing resources available to you, the lecturers and tutors at UTAS are invested in making sure you succeed.”

Upadhya’s top three things about studying Business at the University of Tasmania

  1. Friendly and supportive lecturers who give you individual attention.
  2. The corporate internship program.
  3. Wide array of electives to choose from.

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