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Numbers, nature and a whole new lifestyle

Economics student Neil divides his time between study and enjoying Tasmania’s amazing lifestyle.

Studying in Tasmania means that international student Prithviraj (Neil) Banerjee gets to be a part-time explorer as well as an economics student.

Now, when he’s not studying, he is spending his spare time exploring our State…including scaling mountains.

“Climbing Mt Wellington was a good experience for me as I have not gone to the peak of any mountain before in my life,” Neil said.

“I like to explore a lot of new things which would not have been possible back in my country.”

Neil has been fascinated by economics since he was a Year 9 student.

“I love studying about how the financial institutions operate within an economy. I have always wanted to be an investment banker,” he said.

With this career goal in mind, it was clear that Neil was destined for a Bachelor of Economics.

“I chose University of Tasmania because it is the fourth oldest university in Australia and also part of the sandstone universities.

One of the main benefits of living in Tasmania is that I get a chance to be close to nature. Hobart is a very safe and quiet city. There is less air pollution.

“Being a student, I always have budget constraints. So, the cost of living in Hobart is less than Melbourne or Sydney.”

Neil said his degree is “quite industry-oriented” and he believes it will help him on his way to a consulting role.

“We also get a chance to undertake the Corporate Internship Program along with our studies. I am looking forward to getting a job in one of the major consulting firms like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, PWC etc.

The lecturers and the staff are also super-friendly. They are ready to help anyone when they are in need.

“I have already completed my first tier of the Vice Chancellor’s Leadership Program and intend to complete the volunteering hours by next semester.”

Neil’s advice for students considering studying at the University of Tasmania?

“I would say ‘just to do it!’ UTAS degrees are recognised throughout the world so it will allow students to be mobile. 

Studying at UTAS was one of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life.

“In other words, I can call Tassie my second home.”

Neil’s top tips for international students joining us at the University of Tasmania

1.    Arrive early to adjust

 “I would recommend anyone coming from India for undergrad to land early in Australia, at least a week prior to the O Week.”

2.    Arrange your accommodation

 “Get housing sorted well in advance.” Visit Our accommodation to find out more

3.    Come to O Week

 “Attending every single event during the O Week is essential as one would get all the necessary details and helplines from the UTAS staff. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of the Drop-In as they have a very friendly and helpful staff.”

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