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Studying far from home during uncertain times

Following his passion for accounting, international student, Ashhab Sarwar has proven to be resilient during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

First-year international student Ashhab Sarwar is far from his home in Bangladesh, after completing secondary school, Ashhab decided to come to Hobart and study a Bachelor of Business with an Accounting major.

"Accounting is my passion. I was the only student of business studies back in my secondary school where all other students studied science. Still, I took business studies because I have always been a dreamer of Accounting."

Little did he know that soon after arriving in Tasmania, the COVID-19 pandemic would cause him to question whether he should continue his studies.

At first, it was really challenging for me to cope with the pandemic situation and continue my studies. I have never been away from my family before, let alone handling this hard situation. But, I have always tried to be flexible. Slowly but gradually I flexed myself with the situation.

"I'm really impressed with the way UTAS responded to the COVID-19 situation. They not only ensured health security of all but also secured quality education delivered online. Assignments, presentation, exams and all other tasks were performed virtually. Thus, I am happy with their quick response to this pandemic.”

We asked Ashhab, why he chose to study at the University of Tasmania in the first place; 

..for a number of reasons. UTAS provides world-class education and the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics (TSBE) has a reputation in shaping top quality graduates. All affiliated personnel of UTAS are helpful and they practice a belief that possibilities are infinite. On top of that, I was awarded two prestigious scholarships which enabled me to study flawlessly at UTAS.

"Living and studying in Tasmania is full of excitements and adventures. Tasmania possesses unique weather and it is blessed with nature. It is both modern and beautiful. People are friendly out here. In addition, all resources required for my studies are easily accessible here. So far, it’s been very comfortable for me to live here in Tasmania."

I would encourage others to study at UTAS. It is unique, diversified & beautiful. There is a wide range of scholarships available here which assist students to live properly. Just come here and explore our beautiful campuses.

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