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Super-charge your university experience in Tasmania

University is about so much more than the courses you study.


You can get more out of your #UTASlife through our communities, social events, sports, and volunteering.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Become a member of a society

You could join the bushwalking society and hit the trails after lectures, go whitewater rafting down some of Tasmania’s spectacular rivers, get salty with the diving club, join a sports team, become politically active for causes you really care about, or join a weekly salsa dancing group. In fact, there are hundreds of communities to engage with and adventures to be had.

Find a club or society

Do an internship

As the only university in Tasmania, we have unrivalled access to local industry. This means there are plenty of exciting projects you could take part in.

Through our courses, there are many internships and placements available. But even if there aren’t any formal programs in your course, your lecturers or tutors will be able to connect you to local projects or volunteering opportunities. This will boost your work experience and connect you with the wider Tasmanian community.

There’s also the Vice Chancellor’s Leadership Program. This allows you to expand your skills, engage in work experience, and develop your leadership potential.

Tend to the community gardens

Each of our campuses are home to a community garden. If you’re interested in sustainable food sources, nutrition, or just love your veggies, you can get involved. There are also a number of edible gardens, orchards and food allotments where you can source fresh food on campus.

You can learn more about our community garden projects

Help make radio (99.3FM)

Edge Radio is an independent, non-profit community radio station run from the Social Sciences building at the Sandy Bay campus. Many members are students or alumni, including the station’s manager, who has a Master of Social Work. A lot of media students are involved with the running of the station, but any student can join in.

Students run science and sports programs, do film reviews, share cultural diversity stories, and even host their own game shows. As well as presenting, there are plenty of volunteer roles working behind the scenes.

You could help with radio marketing, accounting, audio engineering, programming and more. Many volunteers of the Edge Radio station have gone on to have successful careers, gaining real-life experience with radio programming and communications.

Edge Radio is located in the south of the state, but for those in the North, the Edge team can connect you with City Park Radio in Launceston.

Get in contact with Edge Radio

Get involved with the student magazine

Togatus has been the voice of our students since 1931. Similar to Edge Radio, you can earn some experience points in publishing and written articles, no matter your background. Whether you fancy yourself as a writer, editor, contributor, or even a general hobbyist, the magazine wants to hear your stories and ideas.

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Throughout the year our schools host public lectures, webinars and workshops, so you can get a multi-disciplinary learning experience. As well as educational events, we like to let our hair down with live music gigs in our uni bar, sporting events, clothes-swaps and night markets.

Learn more about our upcoming events (Student Portal)

Join the Sustainability Integration Program

Tasmania is a living laboratory and a leader in environmental sustainability. The Sustainability Integration Program for Students (SIPS) offers meaningful opportunities for students to apply their learning to real-world sustainability challenges.

Projects include the next phase for the Hobart City Apartments community garden, energy auditing for the Launceston Clinical School, a state-wide waste education campaign, support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals network in Tasmania, mapping sustainability governance in Tasmania, workshops on sustainability behaviours at home, and being active participants in Global Climate Change Week.

Find more information about SIPS

Get a leadership job

You can study and work at the University at the same time. There are hundreds of jobs available across our state-wide campuses. These range from leadership opportunities, becoming a student ambassador, to hosting peer-to-peer learning classes.

Learn more about student jobs at uni

Go overseas

Studying overseas is one of the most affordable ways to live abroad. It’s also the best way to feel like you’re a part of an international community. While there is a hold on international travel right now, we’re all working towards being able to make this experience available to all our students again, as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Learn more about overseas opportunities