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Making a difference through creative arts and health

Creative Arts and Health student tells her story about returning to study and being able to make a positive impact.

Linda Brotherton is one of the first students of the Diploma of Creative Arts and Health who is learning fully online. Linda juggles study with her busy life of being a mother of two children and working part-time.

Having no background in either creative arts or health has not held Linda back.

“Before children, I worked in marketing in big corporate environments and only dabbled in creative arts as a hobby. Since having children, I have helped run craft clubs at their school and taken up various creative arts with the children at home. I have really enjoyed helping them build their creativity.” 

What led Linda down the path of studying Creative Arts and Health was a desire to find a way to help her community and the people around her.

I believe creative arts is a great outlet for both physical and emotional problems which started me on the path to studying Creative Arts and Health.

For Linda, the opportunity to learn online was the only way she could find a balance between family life and study.

“I can work at times that suit me and I don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time. I do miss being able to get instant answers from lecturers, but most lecturers are very quick at returning emails as soon as they can… It took me a little while to get back into study, since my last degree was more than 20 years ago, but I quickly found where the resources were to help me.”

Studying the Diploma of Creative Arts and Health has given Linda an appreciation of the impact creativity has on health and wellbeing. 

I have learnt so much about how different forms of creative arts can help people both physically and emotionally.

The diploma covers a range of medical issues over various age groups, while also looking at the various kinds of creative arts.  

“At one point I was doing an assignment on how visual arts can help build awareness of endometriosis and at the same time I was working on another assignment on how singing in choirs can help improve your moods and emotions.” 

Linda’s experience has taught her more about herself and opened new possibilities. She now wants to study counselling and incorporate it with creative arts, to help those who are struggling. 

“There are so many growing problems with mental health in our society and this course has shown me the amazing ways different forms of creative arts can help manage our emotions and self-esteem."

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