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Family matters in business

Twins Rishini and Reshane have come from one beautiful island to study in another.

Family matters to Rishini and Reshane Dias. Twins from Sri Lanka, it’s not surprising that they share a strong bond and have a lot in common. They both love their island home and have a deep desire to succeed in Business. In fact, they’re both majoring in Finance as part of the Bachelor of Business.

They chose to study at the University of Tasmania because of our reputation for excellence in teaching, relatively low cost of living, and welcoming environment for international students. Rishini says:

I love the people here because they have a really welcoming atmosphere that makes it easier for an international student to integrate. The lifestyle of the people in Tasmania is very relaxed compared to many other fast-paced areas. There's always something interesting to do in Tassie, either as part of your studies or in your spare time.

It has been a challenging year to be a student due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, Reshane says that online classes taught him a lot about self-discipline. They also meant that he could tailor his lectures to his schedule. 

The support I received from the academic staff was immaculate, as they provided step-by-step instructions on how to access the classes, and also hosted consultation sessions to address all my issues and concerns.

The twins live in student accommodation, making their parents feel comfortable about their safety and wellbeing living far from home. Reshane and Rishini also love the opportunity to make new friendships. Rishini says: 

My decision to live in student accommodation was one of the best decisions we have made, as it gave us the opportunity to be exposed to the Australian culture, while at the same time enabled us to make friends from diverse cultures from all over the world.

Both siblings are high-achieving students, with Rishini being awarded the Dean of TSBE Merit Scholarship in 2019. Both maintain high GPA scores and will pursue careers in banking and finance.

Rishini says that smaller classrooms means more attention from academic staff.

What I have observed from my relationships and interactions with academics is that here at University of Tasmania, academics are really approachable and always willing to support their students at any given time.

But most of all, they attribute their success to each other. Rishini says that adjusting to a new environment would have been much more difficult without her brother. 

He was my biggest supporter when dealing with homesickness. Having my twin studying the same course as me is like having an automatic best friend, study buddy, competitor and confidant as we're always looking out for each other while being our number one supporters.

Reshane agrees that having a twin is truly invaluable. He says that pursuing the same degree has made studying overseas easier.

We can exchange our knowledge to further improve our understanding of the subject. She is also my friendly competitor who motivates me to achieve my goals and to reach new heights.

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