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Two Tassie Chicks Podcast: The 'friend in your ear' for Tassie 20-somethings

Join media students Bronwyn Lisson and Grier Brindley as they break down social standards and interview special guests on their brand new podcast, Two Tassie Chicks.

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It was a passion for podcasts and the tenacious hunt for truth for that brought media students Bronwyn Lisson and Grier Brindley together.

Now they’re the ones behind the mics as they launch their very own podcast, Two Tassie Chicks.

“Podcasts are like having a friend in your ear – it feels like you know them,” they said.

“We hope people feel that way about us.”

Listeners will get to know Bronwyn and Grier as they breakdown social issues and impart some pearls of wisdom about what they’ve learnt so far as two 20-somethings living in Tassie.

“One of the biggest things is that not everyone is going to like you,” Bronwyn said.

“In my younger twenties, I was really hard on myself and thought I needed to be perfect – that was such a waste of time.

“Comparison, hustle and diet cultures, social media, tall poppy syndrome, toxic masculinity – there’ll be lots of topics we learnt about at uni and the social science behind them.”

They’ll also be interviewing special guests, the first two episodes featuring SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY founder Mitch McPherson and journalist PJ Madam.

Bronwyn and Grier in the studio with Mitch McPherson from SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY. Image: Two Tassie Chicks

“There is a saturation of information online and you often don’t know what to listen to – we’re excited to have a voice, to tell someone else’s story and to find that element of truth,” they said.

Bronwyn and Grier hope to be podcasting full-time once they graduate next year, and they’re already building a business plan for their own media company.

In the meantime, they’re taking every industry-based opportunity they can to complement their Bachelor of Media and Communication, including recording future episodes of Two Tassie Chicks at The Mercury.

“We really like the University of Tasmania because you get access to all of your lecturers – they’ve become close mentors and every opportunity we’ve had has been through them looking out for us.”

“We both recently went to Agfest as part of the media team," Grier said.

“I also took an internship this semester with a not-for-profit doing public relations, social media, press releases and featuring writing."

“One of our guest lecturers needed a podcast assistant, so I've been sitting in on interviews and writing scripts – I've also been writing some staff profiles for the uni website," Bronwyn said.

“Take every opportunity that comes your way because you can’t have too much experience," Grier said.

"Nothing amazing comes from staying in your comfort zone,” Bronwyn said.

Two Tassie Chicks is out now – listen on Spotify and Apple. You can also follow @twotassiechicks on Instagram.

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