Raising concerns and complaints

Ensuring a safe and fair place for all in our community.

We want our students, staff, visitors and members of the community to have a positive experience with our University, and a safe one. We encourage you to reports any concerns or complaints you may have, and we will do our best to resolve them.

Have a concern?

You can report any concerns relating to behaviour, student or staff wellbeing and child safety concerns.

Have a complaint?

You can lodge a formal complaint regarding inappropriate behaviour of students or staff, or service or experience

Safe and Fair Community Unit

The Safe and Fair Community Unit (SaFCU) is a University service which provides support, advice and information to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our University community. If you'd like to connect with someone from SaFCU, here's how you can get in touch.

Wellbeing Officer

SaFCU have developed a Wellbeing Officer role that provides a point of contact for students from the University of Tasmania who have experienced, or suspect they may have experienced, sexual harassment or sexual assault. The Wellbeing Officer takes a trauma-informed approach and prioritises collaboration, choice, safety, trust, and empowerment. When you contact the Wellbeing Officer, you can expect a compassionate and understanding approach to your matter. The Wellbeing Officer can help by giving:

  • Specialised support
  • Information about referral options, such as on community services and specialist support services
  • Information on reporting processes
  • Developing plans to support you
  • Coordinating support required at the University

The Wellbeing Officer does not: provide emergency support, make decisions for you, or advocate on your behalf.

The Wellbeing Officer can be contacted at SaFCU@utas.edu.au

Other support resources

For emergencies, telephone the police, fire brigade and ambulance on 000 immediately. Campus Security is available day and night to deal with any security or safety concerns. Find out more about emergencies and security services.

The University provides counselling for students and staff

Community services

If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, support and assistance is available to you.