Respect. Now. Always.

The University of Tasmania is committed to being a place where all members of our community feel safe, secure and respected.

The goal we are all working towards is zero instances of sexual assault and sexual harassment at our University.

Support services

If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, support and assistance is available to you.

Please contact the Safe and Fair Community Unit where the team will respond confidentially and with sensitivity.

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How we are creating a safe and fair community

In 2021, we are continuing our involvement with the Universities Australia RESPECT.NOW.ALWAYS. campaign through our participation in the National Student Safety Survey.

The survey, which runs throughout the month of September, is the second major survey of students’ perceptions of safety at Australian universities. It builds on the Australian Human Rights Commission’s survey in 2016.

We thank students and survivors for sharing their experiences. It continues to help us create a stronger, safer University of Tasmania community.

In recent years, we have:

  • Established a central unit – the Safe and Fair Community Unit – which is experienced in responding to reports of sexual violence. This has included the recruitment of skilled investigators.
  • Increased the number of counselling staff for students and introduced an after-hours crisis service.
  • Rolled out staff and student training initiatives which address consent, gender violence and trauma-informed responses.
  • Implemented an online reporting tool and case management system for managing reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and other forms of inappropriate behaviour.
  • Established guidelines for first responders of disclosures of sexual violence.
  • Implemented a new policy framework, which included the development of a new student conduct procedure.

More information on the surveys and our response

Following the 2016 survey, the Australian Human Rights Commission released Change the course: National report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities.

One of the Change the course recommendations was to commission an independent, external review of our University’s current policies and procedures.

The University implemented all recommendations from the Change the course report and independent review.

Improving how we prevent and respond to incidents of sexual assault and sexual harassment and create a safer community is a vital task. It remains a focus and you can follow our progress below.