Safety and Wellbeing team

Providing support, advice and guidance on safety and wellbeing for our University community.

What does the Safety and Wellbeing team do?

We support our community to:

Lead Safety and Wellbeing at every level

Promote a culture of safety and wellbeing

Develop the capabilities of our people to promote and support safety and wellbeing

Embed safety and wellbeing into the way we operate

Establish a transparent learning culture

Develop community mindsets to improving safety and wellbeing

A safe and flourishing University community is everybody’s responsibility

Safety is at the heart of everything we do.

We all have a role in creating and maintaining an environment where our community are safe and thriving.

Every member of our community contributes to our culture of safety first and always by following the measures in place to keep us all safe and enabling us to flourish, proactively reporting any injuries or something unsafe and looking out for our own and others safety and wellbeing.

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Our safety and wellbeing policies and procedures help our university community understand how we all stay safe and flourish while working or studying with the University of Tasmania.

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