Education for Sustainability Community of Practice

Created by academic and professional staff and students who regard education for sustainability as central to the mission of higher education.

Education for sustainability refers to learning and teaching that enables more sustainable ways of living. The scope of the Education for Sustainability Community of Practice (EfS CoP) is whole-of-curriculum innovation and reform. This innovation and reform includes efforts to embed sustainability as a foundational graduate capacity across the curriculum through involvement in formal curriculum renewal and design processes as well as through the informal leadership demonstrated by community members in their discipline areas and teaching responsibilities.

EfS CoP is creating new pathways within the institution for cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration in education for sustainability through a membership base that encompasses academic and professional staff within all colleges and on all major campuses of the university. EfS CoP members were instrumental in the creation of Education for Sustainability Tasmania (EfS Tasmania), a UN recognised Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE).

Through the Sustainability Integration Program for Students (SIPS), the EfS CoP is building links between the physical operations of the university (e.g. built environment, resource use, organisational practices) and student learning. These links recognise the importance of embedding curriculum activities into learning environments through authentic learning opportunities created by involving students directly in real-world sustainability challenges across our university.

If you are interested in joining the Education for Sustainability Community of Practice, please email us: