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What is the Academic Senate?

The University of Tasmania Act 1992 established an Academic Senate. The function of the Academic Senate is to advise the University Council on all academic matters relating to the University.

Membership of Academic Senate comprises the Vice-Chancellor, Provost, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Dean of Graduate Research, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Aboriginal Leadership), Executive Deans, heads of schools and academic areas, student representatives from the Tasmanian University Student Association (TUSA), chairs of Academic Senate committees and elected academic staff members, among others.

The Academic Senate elects its own Chair and Deputy Chair.

The Academic Senate's statutory authority in academic matters within the University has been elaborated in the Academic Senate Ordinance (PDF 191.3 KB). The Ordinance prescribes that the role of Academic Senate is to:

  • Approve awards and determine the qualifications required of a candidate before they may be admitted to an award
  • Provide academic oversight of the quality of teaching, learning, research and research training
  • Monitor institutional benchmarks for academic quality and outcomes and monitor initiated actions to improve performance
  • Monitor and provide competent advice to the University Council and management on academic matters, including advice on academic outcomes, policies and practices, and the quality of teaching, learning, research and research training
  • Monitor and review academic policies and procedures and their effectiveness
  • Provide feedback on substantial changes to academic delegations and the effectiveness of the academic delegations structure.
  • Maintain oversight of academic and research integrity, including monitoring of potential risks
  • Critically evaluate the quality and effectiveness of educational innovations
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of institutional monitoring, review and improvement of academic activities
  • Ensure students have opportunities to participate in academic governance.

Academic Senate committees assist and advise Academic Senate in ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards and quality in teaching, scholarship and research in the University of Tasmania. Academic Senate has established the following committees:

  • Standing Academic Committee
  • Student Experience Committee
  • University Admissions Committee
  • University Course and Unit Proposals Committee
  • University Learning and Teaching Committee
  • University Research Committee.
  • Nominations Committee.

University staff members may access agendas and minutes via the Academic Senate Wiki.