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University Medals

University Medal recipients

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Academic Senate endorsed Rules of University Medals in August 1994.

In late 1995 ASCQA reaffirmed the need to restrict the number of University Medals available each year, to ensure that the Medals maintain their prestige and are awarded to only the most outstanding students in the University. The current basis for allocating Medals was also supported, ie a quota of Medals assigned to faculties or faculty clusters in approximate proportion to faculty size. Academic Senate endorsed a recommendation that the current allocation of ten Medals to the faculties remain, but that two additional unallocated Medals be available for possible award each year by ASCQA to exceptional students from any faculty. However consistent with practice to date, the full number of medals may not be awarded in any year.

ASCQA resolved that the current Rules and Procedures should be strictly adhered to and that, in cases of students nominated with a GPA of less than 6.5, the relevant faculty must provide a substantive supporting case to ASCQA.

In 1997 ASCQA confirmed that to be eligible students must complete their bachelors degree and honours at the University of Tasmania in accordance with the relevant course specifications.

In October, 1997 ASCQA agreed that, given the move to December graduation ceremonies and the desirability of continuing the practice of awarding the medals to the successful recipients upon their graduation, nominations for University Medals be made at the time of December Faculty Assessors' meetings rather than by the deadline of 16 January contained in the Rules of University Medals. ASCQA recommended further that the medal nominations be endorsed/modified by the Executive of Academic Senate and reported retrospectively to Academic Senate. In approving this process, Academic Senate endorsed ASCQA's recommendation that the 'Executive ' of Academic Senate be comprised - for this purpose - of the Chair and Deputy Chair of Academic Senate and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor assisted by the Academic Registrar.

In October 2008 Academic Senate approved a change to the number of medals available for allocation annually to 13 to include the Australian Maritime College and altered the membership of the Selection panel. The selection panel is comprised of the Chair and Deputy Chair of Academic Senate, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Students and Education) and the Executive Director, Student Operations.

In November 2017, Standing Academic Committee on behalf of Academic Senate, approved amendment to the number of University Medals allocated and the calculation of Grade Point Averages.  Further amendments to the Rules, to reflect the College model, were approved by Academic Senate in September 2018.

At its 4 September 2020 meeting, Academic Senate revoked the Rules of University Medals as of 25 September 2020. As part of the Governance Instruments Framework Project, Academic Senate agreed that from the commencement of the new framework, University Medals will be governed under a principles-based policy and administered via a formal supporting procedure consistent with the policy principles and other compliance requirements. The procedure will include appropriate internal governance and quality assurance for eligibility and other requirements, and will ensure these requirements are publicly available on the University’s website at all times. There has been no change in the eligibility requirements or the process for determining how medals are awarded.

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