Industry 4.0 Testlab: Integrity of Food

We’re working to bring together versatile technology, deep expertise and industry insights to solve real-world problems and create new opportunities for our food future.

Industry 4.0 Integrity of Food Testlab

Automation, information and integration are transforming the world of tomorrow today. Devices are talking to each other and fixing themselves, systems are flagging errors before they happen, and ‘custom’ is the new global specification.

This way of using technology is rapidly redefining the world of food – how we produce it, how we prepare it, and how we consume it. We’re using Industry 4.0 to make things simpler, safer and synchronised like never before.

Welcome to our Industry 4.0 [Integrity of Food] Testlab

Preparing for an Industry 4.0 future – University in Action

Industry 4.0 (or ‘the 4th Industrial Revolution’) is the 'smart' automation of industry through intelligent networks and connected technologies. These technologies are springing up in response to the pressures of climate change, resource shortages, food waste and growing populations.

This evolution is happening fast, redefining how we produce, process, prepare and consume food and drink. Embracing these exciting new technologies and adopting Industry 4.0 approaches will future-proof your business with richer data for better decision-making, quality-assurance at every level, and by uncovering opportunities for innovation.

And Testlab is here to help.

Visit Testlab: Integrity of Food and take a tour of our virtual showroom.

This immersive online space allows you to see, hear and experience new technologies through videos and case studies.

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Industry 4.0 Education

The University of Tasmania has developed courses and workshops to support and engage with industry, schools and the community.


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