For children and families

Learning new things and visiting new places is a lot of fun, as well as being really valuable for children and families.

Children's University is all about learning, but you get to choose the activities you want to do. There are no marks, no tests, just a Passport to Learning to keep a record of your hours of learning.

"I feel really proud and excited that I will get to walk with all the important people."

When you think of learning you probably think of school, but Children's University rewards you for the hours of learning you do outside the classroom. There are probably a lot of things you do already which involve learning. For example, you might play sport for a club, or perhaps you are a scout member, or you are having swimming lessons. All these regular activities count for up to 10 hours in your passport.

You might also do learning activities at school, but at lunchtime, recess or after-school. Maybe you are a school volunteer or go to chess club or music practice in your free time - any of these activities can also count for up to 10 hours in your passport.

But we want you to try many different things so Children's University Tasmania and its partners work together to provide a lot of fun activities. These activities happen at Learning Destinations, school holiday programs and University of Tasmania events. We also provide fun learning resources for you to do at home. These resources are available on this website, and through the Children's University Australasia portal.

“I gave archery a go. I quite liked it and will be going back soon.”

The other great thing about Children's University, perhaps the best thing of all, is that when you record a certain number of hours in your passport, your achievement is celebrated at a graduation. Graduations are special events and your family are invited to come along as well. To graduate for the first time you need to reach 30 hours. But the more hours you earn the higher award you can receive.

Children's University Tasmania is offered in 51 schools in the South, North, North-West and on the West Coast.

Your Children's University journey

Passport to Learning

Become a member and receive your Passport to Learning and login to the CUA Portal.


Explore our learning opportunities and find the activities that interest you.


Collect hours and have them approved by your CU school coordinator.


Celebrate your learning achievement with your family at a graduation ceremony.

Online learning resources

Explore online learning activities from around Australia and New Zealand and find out all the information you need about our network of Learning Destinations.

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Our Learning Destinations

Learning Destinations are places you can visit to enjoy activities and earn hours in your Passport to Learning. They include museums, art galleries, animal parks and other locations in the community that provide free or low cost learning opportunities. The staff and volunteers know about Children's University. They will make you feel welcome and stamp your passport at the end of your visit.

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