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Census Dates


There are administrative and legislative requirements that affect your enrolment and it is your responsibility to find out what requirements apply to your enrolment.

Students are responsible for ensuring their enrolment record is accurate. This means you must check you are enrolled in the correct units and finalise your enrolment by the census date that has been set for each unit.

If you are enrolled in a unit at the census date you will be liable for the fees and charges for that unit for the relevant study period, even if you intended to withdraw from the unit. It is not sufficient to advise the lecturer that you will no longer be attending classes. If you do not wish to remain enrolled in a unit and incur the financial liability for it, you must formally withdraw from enrolment in that unit.

All withdrawals after the unit census date will incur financial liability, however you may withdraw from a unit without academic penalty depending on the date of withdrawal.

Census dates and academic withdrawal dates are published as part of the Academic Dates on the 2019 Key Dates page.

The Course and Unit Handbook can also provide a way to look up census and withdrawal dates by doing a unit search.

Academic and Financial Penalty Dates for previous years can be accessed here.

The following tables show the withdrawal dates where financial and academic penalty may occur for 2019.

Semester 1, 2020 Census Date 23 March

Start DateWithdrawal DatesEnrolment StatusAcademic PenaltyFinancial Liability
24 February 202023 March 2020Early WithdrawnNoNo
31 May 2020WithdrawnNoYes

Semester 2, 2020 Census Date 10 August

Start DateWithdrawal DatesEnrolment StatusAcademic PenaltyFinancial Liability
13 July 202010 August 2020Early WithdrawnNoNo
07 September 2020WithdrawnNoYes

Financial Liability

Students are invoiced for their enrolment based on the census date and the invoice is available under the finance tab in eStudent. The fees due date is listed on your invoice.

If students have not met all enrolment or financial requirements by the relevant unit census date the enrolment will be cancelled.