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Island of Ideas.

Island life may have changed a little, but the ideas don't stop flowing.

We’ve taken our Public Lecture Series online, ensuring our mission of nurturing learning in the community is not interrupted.

Last year, more than 10,000 people took a front row seat across 30 webinars in our Island of Ideas program.

Audiences logged on from Tasmania and around the world, while speakers delivered talks locally, from interstate and from the United States, Britain, Singapore and New Zealand.

We delivered talks on everything from our Antarctic research to the US Presidential Election, urban renewal and the state’s response to COVID-19.

The University of Tasmania’s 1.5m social distancing measures mean that even our largest lecture theatres and rooms can only hold a small number of people. With these restrictions likely to be in place for some time, our series of engaging public talks will continue online in 2021.

Registering and logging on are simple, and you’ll be able to interact with speakers through a Q&A function. You can watch our talks later, or share with friends and colleagues, on our YouTube channel.

The University of Tasmania has a proud history of sharing ideas through the public lectures and forums it provides free of charge to students, alumni and the wider community each year.

COVID-19 provided an unexpected opportunity to broaden our topics, speakers and audience, and this will continue with Island of Ideas.

Ideas debate and discussion will continue – for and from Tasmania.

You will need to register for our public lectures from the University's Events Calendar.

You will then be sent a confirmation email with a link to join the webinar via Zoom. When you click the link, you will be prompted to download the Zoom app, a quick and easy process. You can also click a link in the email to easily add the event to your calendar. More information is available from this Zoom Guide.

If you do not wish to register, events will be available later as videos on YouTube and podcasts on SoundCloud.

Next Webinars

Making Wellbeing Visible in Schools

Tuesday May 25 | 5 pm

The 14th Richard Selby Smith Oration will be delivered by distinguished psychologist, researcher and advocate for Positive Education, Professor Lea Waters. In this presentation, Professor Waters will provide a brief outline of the field of positive psychology and will dive into its application in schools. Professor Waters will share her own research in this field and the development of her visible wellbeing approach.

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The Middle East: Turmoil and Challenges

Thursday June 9 | 6 pm

The oil-rich but volatile Middle East has continued to remain a zone of frenemies and turbulences where geopolitical conflicts and rivalries, major power interventionism and violent extremist operations, not to mention the savagery of the Covid-19 pandemic, have featured prominently. Adjunct Professor Amin Saikal AM FASSA will discuss the prevailing situation in the Middle East, the challenges facing the region and where-to from here.

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