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Island of Ideas.

Island life changes, but ideas don't stop flowing.

Island of Ideas is our online public lecture series, designed to nurture learning in our community. Now in its third year, more than 30,000 people have taken a front-row seat across over 40 webinars. People have joined us from far-and-wide, connecting with experts from interstate, the United States, Britain, Singapore and New Zealand. Our topics are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and explore a diversity of current issues relating to social justice, urban renewal, emissions reductions, Antarctic research to the future of work and skills in Tasmania and beyond.

Our University has a proud history of sharing ideas in public lectures and forums. We continue to provide these events, free of charge, to students, alumni and the wider community each year. COVID-19 provided an unexpected opportunity for us to lift the voices of Tasmanians and to invite world-leading experts into our conversations. This program will continue beyond the pandemic, as will our dedication to living in an Island of Ideas.

Registering and logging-on are simple and you can interact with speakers live. Alternately, you can watch our talks later and share with friends and colleagues on our YouTube channel.

Ideas, debate and discussion will continue – for and from Tasmania.

Register for our public lectures below.

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Upcoming Events

Future Proofing Hobart: Community responses to crisis

Wednesday 6 July | 5.30 pm


How can we build community resilience in a changing climate?

This CityTalks conversation will examine the increase in community-led responses to local crises as witnessed in the recent floods, bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. Our expert panel will explore how we can future-proof our urban environment in response to these new and emerging threats, while learning about the role of the community in times of crisis.

Brought to you in partnership with the City of Hobart, designed to spark ideas and innovation for Hobart's future.

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Great Expectations: Achieving gender equity in our lifetime

Thursday 14 July | 6.00 pm

Online and Sandy Bay, Tasmania

We have a long road to travel before we reach gender equality in Australia. Did you know that women engage in 43% less paid work than Australian men and undertake 81% more unpaid work? Or that workers with Bachelor degree qualifications or above in female dominated industries, earn 30% less per-hour than workers in male dominated industries?

Join Dr Angela Jackson and discover how we might achieve gender equality for Australia, in this lifetime. Register here to attend online, or click below and attend in Sandy Bay, Tasmania.

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Investigating War Crimes in the Age of Social Media

Thursday 28 July | 6.00 pm

Online and Burnie, Tasmania

From the war in Ukraine to the Syrian civil war, any and every opinion has become accessible from your pocket. Facts are countered by alternate facts in an endless source of competing agendas and narratives. Social media holds the promise of new ways of fact-finding, as wartime actors are scrutinized 24/7, and crowd-sourced investigation becomes possible.

Join our experts to uncover the challenges and opportunities new media presents to those who investigate wartime atrocities.

Register here to attend online, or click below to attend in Burnie, Tasmania.

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Climate Change Adaptation: What it means for Tasmania

Wednesday 17 August | 6.00 pm


Explore climate change adaptation from the cutting-edge science to on-the-ground action. Learn what is happening locally to adapt to the impacts of climate change, and discover Tasmania’s role in broader programs. Hear advice from the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change AR6 report, and discover what others in the community are doing.

This forum is hosted by the patron of National Science Week Tasmania, Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas, and will feature the winning videos of the TasAMSA and AMOS Science week competition.

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Past Events

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The Future of Work: Housing and communities in crisis

Inner-city populations are in decline, while towns like Longford, Brighton and Rokeby are booming. Could the pandemic-induced spike in remote work, combined with soaring inner-city property values, be enticing professionals to relocate to regions?

Booming house prices have increased the inequality already caused by uneven distributions of work and income in Tasmania. Will regional migration create a bigger gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’?

Join the experts to discover how we might promote a fairer Tasmania.