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Academic Dress

What academic dress to wear

  • The University does not make the wearing of academic dress compulsory, but would prefer all those participating in the ceremony to wear it.
  • The graduation ceremony is a formal occasion and students and their guests are encouraged to dress appropriately. As a guide, dress which would be suitable for a special dinner or a job interview would also be suitable for the graduation ceremony.
  • The colours associated with academic dress generally distinguish the College to which you belong (or, in some cases, the discipline within a College). You will be provided with the correct dress for your award as per our Academic Dress Procedure (PDF 303.3KB).
  • Academic dress used at the University of Tasmania is patterned on that used at the University of Oxford.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are invited to wear a coloured scarf to identify their cultural heritage, supplied by the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Aboriginal Leadership.
  • Academic dress not sourced through the University's preferred supplier may not provide you with regalia that is an exact match to the University's Academic Dress Procedure (PDF 303.3KB).

Hiring academic dress

  • GFP Graduations manages academic dress hire for University of Tasmania graduation ceremonies.
  • When you register to attend your ceremony, you will be able to hire your academic dress.
  • Payment is required at the time of booking academic dress.
  • You must return your academic dress no later than 2 hours after your ceremony concludes, unless you've made prior arrangements with GFP Graduations.

Collecting academic dress

  • Collection for Winter Hobart Ceremonies
    Wed 11 August, 10.00am-7.00pm
    Activities Centre, Level 3, TUSA building, Sandy Bay campus
  • Collection for Winter Launceston Ceremonies
    Thurs 19 August, 10.00am-7.00pm
    Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre, Newnham campus

How to wear academic dress

  • Academic dress is worn over your normal attire.
  • GFP staff will be present prior to the ceremony to help you with your academic dress. Staff members will not be able to assist with dressing and pinning due to COVID-19 restrictions, however they will be available to provide advice and direction.