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School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Welcome to the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

The University of Tasmania School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology has a proud history of excellence in teaching and research for over 50 years. We provide one of the most comprehensive Bachelor programs in the world and continue to be a global leader in pharmacy practice research and medication safety.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology is vitally important to the Tasmanian community. We are uniquely placed to work closely with local health systems throughout Tasmania, providing strong student outcomes by training the next generation of pharmacists that will make direct and positive impacts on the health of our local communities and beyond. We also offer a range of postgraduate coursework programs and undertake internationally leading research in a variety of drug sciences, from patient centred care in community and hospital pharmacy through to laboratory based pharmacology and drug development research, that is helping to shape this exciting and evolving industry.

— Glenn Jacobson
Associate Professor and Head of the School of Pharmacy

Study a Bachelor of Pharmacy

Pharmacists work alongside doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, and have specific drug knowledge and expertise that are essential to ensuring the safe and effective use of medications.

Our graduates are recognised for the quality of their clinical pharmacy skills, their dedication to improving health outcomes for patients, and ability to transform pharmacy practice.

Our teaching focus on place, proficiency and purpose leads to outstanding graduate outcomes and ensures you will emerge ready to propel yourself into one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

Study a Bachelor of Pharmacy

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The School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology is focused on medication safety, encompassing both clinical and laboratory research to improve our understanding of how drugs work, improve how existing drugs are used in practice, and the development of new drugs.

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Scholarship opportunity

The PSA Pharmacy Research Scholarship is a top up Scholarship for PhD candidates with a research project in pharmacy practice in the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. If you have any questions please contact Nuri Guven.

Clinical Pharmacy

Improve your employment capacity with post graduate study in Clinical Pharmacy. Our suite of courses is designed to develop your critical analysis, clinical decision making and evidence-based management skills. In addition, you will further enhance your ability to contribute to the quality use of medicines for patient care.

You will learn contemporary evidence-based practice that is applied to both hospital and community pharmacy settings and you will study coursework units that cover pharmacology in cardiology, respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, oncology medicine, endocrinology, neurology, psychiatric disorders and gastroenterology.

Our supportive online teaching methods use contemporary best practice to provide you with the flexibility to balance your work and personal commitments and our nested delivery program allows you to move from the Certificate to the Diploma and on to the Masters.

Pharmaceutical Science

The field of pharmaceutical science is essential to the ongoing development of health care around the world and our postgraduate courses will better equip you with the skills to not only join that field but make a lasting contribution to the scientific development of medications.

By studying with us you will learn a wide range of laboratory skills through a series of units in the area of pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences. Our ratio of students to teachers is low with around 1:4 or 1:6 students per teacher per class allowing you a lot of time to practice and hone your skills.

You will have the opportunity to undertake a research project through our Master’s course where you can choose between the fields of pharmaceutical science, drug analysis and quality control, clinical pharmacy or natural medicinal products in order to broaden your research and problem-solving skills.

Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicines

More Australians are turning to science-based Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) as they seek to boost their health and wellbeing in an increasingly demanding and stressful world.

By increasing your understanding of the evidence behind complementary and alternative medicines you are able to ensure you have a sound understanding as to how complimentary and alternative products interact with the body and other medications. Upon completion this course will allow you to advise on therapeutic considerations of various CAMs in order to maximise their safety and effectiveness for patients.

These courses have been developed to assist health professionals in developing the evidence-based knowledge and skills required to meet the consumer demand for CAM products as well as satisfying their professional and ethical responsibilities.

A challenge and a reward

For Sarah Poulton further study was a natural progression.