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Student Placement Agreements

Professional Experience Placement (PEP) is the main form of Work Integrated Learning (WIL) provided by the College of Health and Medicine. Before a student undertakes a PEP, an agreement between the University and Industry Partner must be formalised. The Agreement details the responsibilities of both the University of Tasmania, including students, and Industry Partner.

Agreements can be Industry Partner initiated – Student Placement Agreements/Deeds of Placement, or Education Provider (University) initiated – Work Integrated Learning Placement Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding. The type of Agreement executed is negotiated between the Industry Partner and Education Provider in accordance with organisational policy and guidelines.

Types of Agreement

  1. WIL Placement Agreement – Short Form

    This is used where there is an existing relationship between the University of Tasmania and an Industry Partner or  there are a small number of students undertaking PEP within an organisation. This agreement is valid for up to one PEP year (January 1st to February 28th of the following year).

  2. WIL Placement Agreement – Long Form

    This is used where there is not an existing relationship between the University of Tasmania and an Industry Partner, and where there are a large number of students undertaking PEP within one location. This agreement is valid for up to one PEP year.

  3. Student Placement Agreement / Deed of Placement

    This is an agreement that has been initiated by Industry Partners in accordance with Industry policy and procedural guidelines. These agreements are typically valid for more than one PEP year and comprise annexures/schedules that require completion for each placement cohort.

Who signs off on Agreements from the University?

The Head of Program or delegate usually signs WIL Placement Agreements unless there is a schedule of payment to be included. All other Student Placement Agreements / Deeds of Placement are to be signed in accordance with the University’s Delegations Policy and Schedule of Contract Delegations.

WIL Insurance

The University of Tasmania’s insurance program provides cover for students whilst undertaking unpaid Work Integrated Learning placements approved by the University.

  1. The Work Integrated Learning Insurance letter is updated on the Financial Services Form website annually.
  2. Annual Certificates of Currency can be accessed by contacting Adam Lockwood, Manager PEP at: