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Professional Experience Placement

Starting your career – the first step

Professional Experience Placement, commonly referred to as PEP is an integral component of many of the courses offered in the College of Health and Medicine.  PEP allows students to put theory into practice in a real-world workplace environment, sometimes during the very first year of their course.

The PEP website provides information, guidance and resources for students, staff and industry partners and showcases the journey of a health professional from a student on placement to working upon graduation.

Understanding your professional responsibility is the first step towards starting your chosen career. The University of Tasmania and our partners have a duty of care to ensure the safety of students, staff and patients/ clients in their care. There are a number of legislative and regulatory requirements you need to meet to undertake PEP.

Start the compliance process as early as possible

Some courses have additional compliance requirements – please check the ‘Additional Program Requirements’ on the Compliance page for additional information.

Compliance documents are due by Census date of the first semester of your course - University Key Dates 2023.

Get started now.

Immunisation Compliance - start now

Practicing in a Rural Area

Its nice to be in those rural areas, I really got a fondness for it.
The helping people side of things was a big thing for me.
You really get involved in people's lives and community. People see you as a centre if they need help.

Adrian Hodge