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Rural Application Process

Do you live in a regional or remote area of Australia?

If so, you may eligible to apply for entry into our MBBS degree via the Rural Application Process (RAP).

Applications for the MBBS must be received by 5:00pm on Monday 30 September 2019. No late applications will be considered.

What is the Rural Application Process?

The Rural Application Process aims to support students from rural areas of Australia to study medicine.

The benefits of applying through the Rural Application Process may include:

  • Consideration of your rurality during the application process, with ATAR adjustment factors possible for year 12 leavers.
  • Domestic tertiary applicants who meet rural residency requirements should apply via the Rural Application Process (RAP) although they are not eligible for ATAR adjustment.  This allows for eligibility for rural student funding and/or scholarships when available.

NOTE: Students applying to medicine through the rural application process must also apply centrally through the usual University of Tasmania application process and will be assessed for both a rural place as well as a regular MBBS place.

Am I eligible to apply through the Rural Application Process?

If you live in a rural area of Australia, you may be eligible to apply via the Rural Application Process.

Eligibility is based on location. You must have lived in a regional or remote area of Australia for:

  • Five or more consecutive years, OR
  • Ten cumulative years

- prior to commencing medical school training.

Applicants must meet rural location eligibility criteria at the date of course commencement.

Search your rurality on the Rural Health Workforce Locator website for the Australian Standard Geographical Classification for Remoteness.  When searching for the rurality for your address please select the "Australian Statistical Geographic Standard Remoteness Areas" and then the year of 2016 to get the correct RA code for your address.  

A regional or remote area of Australia is defined as Remoteness Area categories RA2 – RA5. Please note this is the Federal Government definition of rurality. All of Tasmania is RA2 – RA5.

ATAR Adjustment Factors for year 12 leavers

In recognition of the relative education disadvantage that can occur in rural areas there may be ATAR adjustment available to MBBS year 12 leaver applicants in the rural application process.  

If you are a year 12 leaver eligible to apply via the rural application process (see location requirements described above), there is an adjustment of 4 additional ATAR points for RA2 year 12 applicants.  Year 12 applicants from an RA3-5 area receive an adjustment of 5 additional ATAR points.

How do I apply through the Rural Application Process?

It’s very simple:

  1. Submit your normal University of Tasmania application into the MBBS degree via the University Admissions website
  2. Complete the Rural Application Process Application Form (PDF 181 KB) and submit to

If you need help in filling out your form, please contact us: