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To smoke or not to smoke?

Learning Level: Gr 5

Theme Area:

Description: An inquiry based project on smoking and its effects on the body. It involved students in thinking and doing activities about smoking in lots of different ways including: understanding and defining a 'drug'; understanding and defining the purposes of drugs (alcohol and medicines, legal, illegal and smoking) and why people smoke; understanding smoking is habit forming and addictive; understanding the short and long term effects of smoking and completing an info-graphic on the effects of smoking on body parts; understanding why and how to make well informed and health choices for ourselves regarding, medication, alcohol and drugs; writing a script, rehearsing and recording it based on the topic 'how to refuse the offer of drugs, medication, tobacco or alcohol. Students also record information covered by the visiting Pharmacist. Students use this information in their info-graphic and scripts about saying NO! Students also calculate the cost of smoking and explore what else they could spend that money on.

Measures of Success: Students will be able to: start conversations, using correct terminology; converse with others about the contents of a cigarette and some of the effects smoking has on the human body; complete videos and table of body parts showing the effects of smoking; use a rubric to tick off the inclusion of appropriate information.