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HealthLit4Kids is designed for schools to build skills in health literacy and prompt discussions about health amongst teachers, children, families and communities. It runs for a full school term, and works with teachers, parents and communities to develop learning activities that can support and nurture health literacy across the whole school. HealthLit4Kids is aligned with the ACHPE theme areas and encourages teachers to choose the most relevant themes for their class, but also consider incorporating other curriculum areas.

Each school participating in HealthLit4Kids develops an 'Action Plan' with the researchers to assist in developing their learning activities. The Action Plan provides a framework for responding to the school's health literacy needs and aims to impact the school at two levels: School–wide (e.g. environment, systems) and across the curriculum (e.g. classroom activities). This approach aims to increase teacher confidence so they can recognise their role in developing the important relationship between health literacy and the children’s functional ability in the classroom. At the completion of the program, schools are invited to showcase the outcomes of their learning activities at a whole school 'Expo'.

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Visit our FAQs for more information on how to become involved in HealthLit4Kids and how it works.

Visit our Open Education Resource to find a comprehensive catalogue of student's artefacts and learning activities.