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HealthLit4Kids was fun, it wasn’t like normal school work

Gr3 student

What is HealthLit4Kids?

HealthLit4Kids aims to bring members of the education and health sectors together with families and communities to improve health literacy in Tasmania. It supports positive health and educational outcomes for children and works towards reducing health inequities for families.

HealthLit4Kids responds to a gap in the delivery of health literacy programs to communities and schools. We work at a local level with children, their schools, families and communities to develop new approaches to learning and health. We provide opportunities for teachers and primary school-aged students to incorporate health literacy into the classroom and empower schools to embrace health literacy across their curriculum.

HealthLit4Kids recognises that building strong health literacy is key to improving health and educational outcomes for children in sustainable ways. It aims to halt intergenerational health behaviours to provide children with the tools to better understand their own health now and into the future.

My son would only eat tacos before HealthLit4Kids...making a wrap and sharing it with his friends helped to try new things


The project also allowed us to pursue different aspects of health and wellbeing, it wasn’t just a focus on healthy eating…there were many, many, many different elements which also made it a very engaging project for everybody, because everybody could pursue their own interest and have their own voice heard

School Principal

It was a wonderful celebration of really shows you how you can embed these perspectives (on health) cross curricular and it really gave us a boost as a community to do that. The conversations and the language children have developed...has given us an impetus to think more for the future too.