Maggie Taylor is no stranger to pharmacy, having worked in the field since the age of 15. But it wasn’t until the end of year 12 that she began to consider it as a career.

She then moved from Victoria to study the University of Tasmania’s Bachelor of Pharmacy, which was recently rated one of the top pharmacy programs.

The University was also rated number one in Australia for full-time employment of graduates and skills development in the field of pharmacy.

I'd decided I wanted to work within health science, and thought pharmacy would suit me well.

Maggie Taylor, Pharmacy student.

“I was keen to learn about medicine, but also really liked the idea of pharmacists as being trusted and respected members of a community; which I'd seen for myself while working in pharmacy.”

Maggie is now in her third year of studying Pharmacy.

I chose to study over here because of the University of Tasmania’s Pharmacy course reputation, and particularly because of the placement opportunities not offered interstate.

“I liked the idea of a more ‘hands-on approach’, and how (I believe) this sets us up well for employment and ‘real-life’ pharmacy practice,” she said.

Maggie has also now had her first taste of research.

I'm completing a project as part of the Integrated Honours program within the Bachelor of Pharmacy, which has really cemented my interest in maternal/neonatal health – an area which I'd like to specialise in the future.

She said prospects in her field were both “exciting and promising.”

 “I think the job prospects are good, with the types of roles for pharmacists expanding and no longer limited solely to the community and hospital sectors. I feel working as a GP-pharmacist or within a women's health clinic could be a good way for me to work within my field of interest.”

Maggie is also considering a higher degree in the future.

“I've got a particular interest in postnatal depression, which in a way combines neonatal and mental health, so studying something along those lines would be really great.”

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