Paul Kamler is a Clinical System Administrator in the Northern Territory, where technology plays a vital role in the delivery of important health services.

So when he heard about the University of Tasmania’s e-health courses, he decided to add to his decades of expertise with a Graduate Diploma of E-Health (Health Informatics).

“I manage the East Arnhem Communicare System (EACS), Clinical Information system used by the Primary Health Care Centres of the East Arnhem North region of the Northern Territory (right on the edge of Kakadu National Park) by myself, however I work across the two Primary Health Care eHealth systems which are used in our remote communities in the NT.”

Mr Kamler has been working in the field of e-health since the 90s, so he knows how important technology is in the field— and how trailblazing the Northern Territory has been in the area.

“Essentially the Northern Territory has been at the forefront of e-health since the late 1920s when we had the pedal-powered radio demonstrating the use of technology to communicate directives between provides to deliver health services.

“When I first came to the NT in the 90s they were doing a project called the Co-ordinator Care Trial Information System, which was essentially the first electronic health records that we used in the NT.

Technology is the enabler, it’s just one of the tools in a health worker’s toolbox.

Mr Kamler said he had always wanted to do something to further build on his existing credentials.

“I am a registered nurse and midwife, and I feel passionate about the use of technology in delivering those services,” he said.

It was quite an amazing journey doing the course. It made you really think critically about what health staff use technology for.

Mr Kamler studied a subject per semester and found the pace “perfect”.

“I was able to really absorb the topics. At the pace that I did it, I could just concentrate fully on the subjects, and the timeframes were great to get the assignments in on time.

I really liked the flexibility. The lecturers were just great, and I had a fairly good GPA through the whole course.

And Mr Kamler has been spreading the words to his colleagues about the learning opportunities offered online through the University.

“One of our clinical pharmacists is looking at doing the course through UTAS, and I know one of the acute care nurses is interested too, so there’s a few people who are keen,” he said.

I feel strongly that we should all be building our existing skills like this. I really enjoyed it. I want to continue on next year, because I definitely want to complete my Masters.

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