The University of Tasmania sees itself as a bridge to the world, a bridge to the world of ideas and to the world of ethnicities and of cultures.

That bridge is being increasingly criss-crossed by our students taking advantage of opportunities to spend time either studying with one of our partner institutions or making the most of a Federal Government grant.

The University has more than 130 partner institutions spanning Europe, America, Canada, Asia and Latin America, including some of the most prominent universities in the world.

Heidi White (Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws) spent semester one this year at City University Hong Kong.

“When I found out that there was a scholarship available to study at City University Hong Kong I was excited by the prospect of studying in a dynamic city and an international hub,” she explained.

I was looking for an opportunity to develop my knowledge of the region and how its politics and laws operate and with its good reputation and diverse list of courses, City University was the perfect platform for achieving this.

Over the five months she learnt much about Hong Kong, but also about herself.

“It had a significant impact on me by giving me a renewed perspective on what I’m most interested in and the direction I want to take with my studies.

The opportunity to go on an overseas exchange is something which I think all students should take seriously and pursue without hesitation.

“It is a once in a lifetime experience and one that I think many students, myself included, feel is out of reach due to family, work and other reasons. With the support of a scholarship and the University, however, an overseas exchange can be a reality.”

The opportunity to study law electives on a range of topics that were not available here motivated Hannah Boxall to apply for a scholarship to study at the University of Sheffield in semester two last year.

The great student lifestyle that Sheffield University is also known for and its central location which allowed for travel throughout the UK and Europe were also key factors in my decision, she said.

It was everything she hoped for, and more.

“The time I spent at the University of Sheffield broadened my knowledge base and social networks considerably. This has impacted positively on my studies as I often think comparatively and contrast the Australian legal position to the UK’s and that of other European states.”

For another Law (and Business) student, Emily Forsyth, recipient of a New Colombo Plan scholarship, it was this region which offered a chance for new experiences and a sharpened perspective on life.

“I applied for Vanuatu given the importance of Australia's relationship with this country – it is one of our closest neighbours, most popular tourist destinations and largest bilateral aid recipients. I had also never travelled to the South Pacific before and was eager to explore it.” 

Emily was hosted during semester two, 2015, by the University of the South Pacific, an institution jointly run by 12 South Pacific countries, including Vanuatu, where the law school is based.

“My classmates … were from various South Pacific countries, giving me the opportunity to learn about a range of cultures. Each country has a different student association and they often come together to hold events showcasing their unique cultures. 

“The lecturers were also fantastic. They were supportive and engaging, and had an in-depth knowledge of fascinating Pacific legal issues such as customary law, corruption and witchcraft."

Student exchange at the University of Tasmania

Through Student Mobility, the University offers current domestic and international students support in navigating the exchange program, and assistance through the entire outbound application process.  There is a wide range of financial assistance available, including University of Tasmania Overseas Scholarships for short-term programs, or a semester or year abroad, and an additional range of prestigious grants under the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan and Endeavour Mobility Awards.  Students may also access funding through OS Help Loans, and Centrelink payments can still be accessible.