Do you care deeply about the environment? Do the politics of environmental management fascinate you?

As technology progresses and the human population grows, the environment is being put under more stress. That’s why society needs more graduates who know about what’s happening with our oceans, how marine resources are being handled, and who want to use that information to create policy and best-practice to protect the natural world.

If you’re keen on maths, physics, protecting the environment, or management, we have a marine major at the University of Tasmania to fit your interests. Here’s why you should dive right in.

If you love numbers

If you can’t decide between maths or marine science, don’t worry. With our Physical Oceanography major, you can combine the two. Physical oceanography gives maths lovers the opportunity to gather data on the seas, making it a perfect mix for people who love the environment and numbers. Hobart is the national centre for this branch of science, and that means there is a critical mass of oceanography science experts working and teaching here.

If you focus on caring for the environment

Conservation and fisheries management are skills in strong demand around the world, and our Marine Resource Management and Sustainable Aquaculture majors can give you the skills to enter into a career in sustainable marine services. The applied focus gives you excellent connections with industry partners, and if you pursue an honours project, that could even see you travelling overseas for your study.

If you think about the bigger picture

Our oceans are vital to global survival, affecting everything from aquaculture to biodiversity, so managing oceans is an issue of significant global importance. This is an emerging area of study, so you could be setting yourself up to become a leading expert. If you think you would like to investigate marine policy, our Marine and Antarctic Governance major is perfect for you.

Ready to dive in? Apply now to study Marine and Antarctic Studies.