Zahara Lemon grew up in Hobart and attended Guilford Young College.  Her parents successfully operated a business, which spurred her keen interest in studying business or law. However, she was not interested in studying a standard business or law degree. After attending a few information sessions, Zahara knew that the Australian Maritime College offered everything she was searching for in one specialist course. 

I heard through word-of-mouth that AMC was holding a logistics and management course, I attended a few information sessions and decided that it was perfect for my career prospects and signed up soon after

Zahara is studying a Bachelor of Global Logistics and Maritime Management at the AMC. This course combines core business principles with learning that is specific to maritime management and global logistics. 

The logistics content is extensive and necessary for any business both within and outside of the maritime industry. My degree is kick starting my understanding of those fields and the processes and thinking that are behind them

AMC’s Global Logistics and Maritime Management course is a three-year Business degree, offered both on campus and via distance study. One of Zahara’s highlights of studying on-campus at AMC is the close community offered at the University. 

AMC has a great environment that is very welcoming and comfortable. I have been given heaps of opportunities to be involved with AMC, including working in the Vocational Education & Training (VET) office and being a student ambassador. These opportunities generally don’t come about in a larger University

Zahara expects to graduate from her degree next year and aspires to move into a management position in either financial management or project management.

“These careers appeal to me because they are challenging and require analytical thinking but ultimately build on and progress a business which is very rewarding”, said Zahara. 

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