Find a Supervisor

All research degree candidates need an academic supervisor.

Finding the right researcher is important and your relationship with them will likely contribute to the success of your degree. UTAS has more than 1000 active research staff, many world leaders in their fields and committed to mentoring a new generation of critical thinkers.

Once you have received an Invitation to Apply after assessment of your Expression of Interest, contact one of our researchers to discuss supervision of your research project and to identify research opportunities.  You should carefully construct your email requesting supervision - remember you are asking the supervisor to dedicate years to your project!  Be polite and respectful, and make sure you are contacting a supervisor in your specific area of research.  Be sure to use the 'HDR Enquiry' link next to the supervisor's name, otherwise your email may not be seen.

Search below for a supervisor, or contact a Graduate Research Coordinator who will be able to suggest the people who might best fit your needs.