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ELC and Foundation Studies Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities for Foundation Studies Program students

A variety of scholarships are available to commencing international students who submit an International Student Application to study in a Foundation Studies Program leading to an undergraduate degree at the University of Tasmania.

Foundation Studies High Achiever Scholarships

The Foundation Studies Program High Achiever Scholarship is offered to encourage and assist high achieving students in undertaking study at the University of Tasmania. The successful applicants will demonstrate:

  • a strong academic record
  • career ambitions
  • leadership and interpersonal skills
  • community engagement.

If you are planning to commence studies in the University of Tasmania's Foundation Studies Program, you must also apply for admission and have met the entry requirements for the program in order to be considered for this scholarship. FSP entry requirements.

Students cannot be in receipt of any other scholarship during the Foundation Studies Program.


There are five (5) scholarships on offer each year for commencing Foundation Studies students. These High Achiever Scholarships are available to all students enrolling in the Foundation Studies Program, who also have an undergraduate course offer for the following year at the University of Tasmania.


5 High Achiever Scholarships available, each valued at 50% of the Foundation Studies tuition fee.

Ongoing Eligibility

Recipients must achieve a minimum 'Distinction' average at the end of the first semester for the scholarship to continue to be applied to the second semester's fees.

Examination results will be reviewed each semester by the Scholarships Selection Committee to determine ongoing eligibility. Recipients who do not meet ongoing eligibility will be notified by email.


To apply, complete the attached form prior to the closing date and email to:

As applicants will be assessed on the quality of their application, all questions should be answered in full in English and using the space provided on the form only. Do not attach additional pages or write on the back of the application form. Please ensure care is taken with spelling and grammar and handwriting must be legible.

Application Form (PDF 158.8KB)

Application Closing Date for entry in Foundation Studies in Semester 1, 2018

October 31, 2017

Successful applicants will receive notification from the Scholarships Office by mid-November, 2017 with a deadline of November 30, 2017 to accept offers.

Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS)

The Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) provides international students who are commencing their degree program with a 25% reduction in their registered tuition fees for the duration of their course (provided satisfactory grades are maintained).

UTAS Foundation Studies graduates will be assessed for eligibility to receive the TIS based on academic achievement in their Foundation Studies final results.

Foundation Studies graduates who are not successful in being awarded a TIS for their degree studies will still be entitled to the FSP to Degree 10% Scholarship (excl Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree).


Successful TIS recipients will be notified by the Scholarships and Prizes Office after semester 2 results are released (refer Key University Dates). TIS recipients who are offered any other tuition fee scholarship or bursary cannot retain more than one tuition fee scholarship; the scholarship with the highest value would be the recommended scholarship to accept.

Please note that this scholarship is only available to commencing degree program students. International Scholarships will not reassess current students based on their academic progress at UTAS.

Ongoing Eligibility

Examination results are assessed at the end of the first semester by the Scholarships Selection Committee to determine ongoing eligibility. Recipients who do not meet ongoing eligibility will be notified by email.

TIS recipients will be reassessed for ongoing eligibility in their chosen degree based on the terms and conditions specified in their Scholarship Offer, applicable to the degree in which they are enrolled. 

Please note that international students who become a citizen of Australia, Permanent Resident or change from a student visa to a Protection Visa or Permanent Humanitarian Visa, and who have been awarded the Tasmanian International Scholarship (TIS) or any other international tuition fee scholarship or bursary, will become ineligible to retain the award from commencement of their next enrolment period onwards.


FSP graduates do not need to submit a separate application for the degree TIS, as eligibility will be assessed automatically upon successful completion of their Foundation Studies Program.

Student Profile - Amelia Yee

"The Foundation Studies Program was really helpful in familiarising myself with the ways of Australian education system and academic culture.

My lecturers were really involved and supportive, giving advice both in and out of the academic syllabus.

The Foundation Studies Program is essential in setting up the right head space and mentality for undergraduate life."