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The University of Tasmania Prizes program includes more than 300 prizes with a total of over $160,000 awarded annually. A diverse range of donors generously support the program which helps to maintain a learning environment that strives for excellence. Prizes are awarded in a variety of areas at all levels of study and for a range of academic achievements.

Most prizes are offered annually on a nomination basis, commencing in the second half of the academic year, and do not involve an application process. However a small selection of prizes require specific course work, such as an essay, to be presented for consideration when nominations are being made. Please note that not all prizes are offered annually.

Prizes may consist of a monetary value, book voucher, professional registration, etc. and in some cases, a combination of each. Details of the value of each prize and the eligibility criteria can be found on this website.

The Scholarships & Prizes Office acknowledges the tremendous support our prizes program receives from University of Tasmania Faculties and Schools, individuals, government, and businesses. It provides valuable support, while enhancing our students' university experience by providing networking and career opportunities. We thank our prize donors for their generosity.