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Appreciative Inquiry is a strengths-based method of inquiry which is designed to bring people together around what they share, rather than people focussing on what divides them. We have chosen this approach to produce a shared vision of what is important to those in the room and, as a result, the city more widely.

This is an opportunity to participate in a seminal place-shaping experience. You will be working with a diverse range of Hobart’s population for whom the city is where they work, live and play. You will be making new connections while co-creating the future presence of the University in Hobart city.

Participating in the summit will involve working together in diverse teams to conceptualise what’s possible and then articulate that into concrete and measurable outcomes/aspirations.  Guided by a skilled facilitator, you will be identifying our city’s strengths, getting creative and potentially having your ideas challenged.

Invitations will be issued to a broad range of people who represent all walks of life and many aspects of how our city operates. We have also sought to ensure a range of people, including those who sometimes don’t have a voice in conversations about the future of our city, such as those living with disadvantage and our youth.

We fully expect there to be points of difference in the conversations at the forum. We understand there will be concerns about specific issues, such as parking and traffic. The process will help us create a shared vision and help the University define what it will look like when we get it right. The full responses to these issues will be addressed in the more detailed planning and approval processes required as the project develops.