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Conduct and Complaints

The University of Tasmania supports the right of every member of our community to feel safe and respected in their learning and work environment. However, we understand that sometimes problems can occur.

When issues arise, the University is committed to providing an environment in which genuine concerns or complaints are treated seriously, impartially, and resolved as quickly as possible.

If something has happened which you feel is inappropriate behaviour, we encourage you to report it.

Taking action can help you to:

  • resolve the issue quickly and amicably
  • prevent others experiencing a similar issue
  • contribute to a positive change in systems or processes

Any member of the University community may lodge a report or complaint without fear of disadvantage. Matters are dealt with in confidence and with sensitivity.

The University's Behaviour Policy (PDF 220.3 KB) sets out the values, standards and expectations for behaviour that apply to our University community. People are the heart of our community. We want you to be safe, feel valued, and to actively contribute to our mission. Our University subscribes to the fundamental values of respect and self-respect, fairness and justice, integrity, trust and trustworthiness, responsibility and honesty (UTAS Statement of Values).

When members of our community behave in a manner that is not aligned to our values and expectations, our focus will be on early intervention and restoration, providing an opportunity to understand the implications of inappropriate behaviour, and to rebuild responsibility and accountability.

In circumstances where the inappropriate behaviour is of a serious nature and risks to health and safety are apparent, we will act swiftly and decisively to ensure safety for our community and to maintain our values-based culture.

If you have experienced or observed concerning or unacceptable behaviour, or you wish to make a complaint, we encourage you to contact the Safe and Fair Community Unit:

Ph: +61 3 6226 2560

The Safe and Fair Community Unit is here to assist you in facilitating a resolution and can provide information and advice regarding options and support.

The University has a range of support options available to assist you.

Seek support from our free University Counselling Service for help to manage current problems impacting on your capacity to cope, including gaining a better understanding of your problem, strengthening your resources and finding effective solutions.

If you need to speak with a counsellor outside of office hours, you can call the University Crisis Line on 1300 511 709 or text on +61 488 884 168. This service is available between 5pm and 9am weekdays (24hrs, weekends and public holidays).

Seek support for your personal safety and security by contacting Security to report an immediate problem or to request a Security escort. For Emergencies call 000 to request Police, Fire or Ambulance services. If you call 000, please contact Security as soon as possible so that they can arrange to meet and direct emergency services to the location. If you are on campus, you can contact your local campus Safety and Security team on +61 6226 7600 or extension 7600 from an internal phone.

Our Student Advisers can assist you with time management, academic adjustment, study issues, navigating systems or processes, stress, financial problems, housing problems, and relocation issues.

All University students are automatically entitled to access the services of the Tasmania University Union (TUU) and the Union’s Student Representative Council (SRC). The TUU provides you with a wide range of support and assistance including independent advocacy, study issues, as well as financial counselling and assistance.

MySAFETY is an online cloud-based system for reporting hazards and workplace incidents you may see or experience as a student at the University of Tasmania. The identification of hazards and reporting of workplace safety incidents is critical in achieving a safe University as it prompts action to prevent future accidents, injuries or trauma.

To report hazards and workplace safety incidents (e.g. incidents resulting in injury, illness, or "near misses"; potential for injury or illness; damage to or failure of structure, motor vehicles or other plant and equipment; anything with the potential to cause injury or illness to people, or damage to plant or equipment:

Report hazards & workplace safety incidents

How do I report inappropriate behaviour?

To report any inappropriate behaviour including bullying, harassment, intimidation, disrespect, threatening behaviour or academic misconduct such as cheating:

Report an Issue
Report Misconduct or Lodge a Complaint