Telling Places in Country (TPIC)

Aboriginal Partner Organisations

Partner organisations (Noiheener and melythina tiakana warrana) had representatives on the Telling Places in Country PCE and also acted as hosts for the project when in the field. Members of these organizations and their guests participated in fieldwork expeditions, acting as guides and/or accompaning the research team on fieldwork expeditions and/or convened briefing and de-briefing sessions and assisted in placescape data collection.


Noiheener is an Aboriginal community organization based at St Helens, a seaside township within the research precinct with a particular interest in environmental and heritage issues. Noiheener was closely involved with the pilot project 'Meeting at Bark Hut' and acted as project host while the research team is in the field in the St Helens environs.

Melythina tiakana warrana (Heart of Country) Aboriginal Corporation (MTWAC)

MTWAC was project partner in the second phase of research. MTWAC is an incorporated body, the primary aims and objectives of which are to:

  1. Establish and maintain an Aboriginal cultural artefacts and keeping place
  2. Conduct and advocate research into Aboriginal history and cultural practice
  3. Develop, re-establish and conduct interdisciplinary Aboriginal ceremonial practices
  4. Mentor and showcase Aboriginal artistic expression
  5. Conduct Aboriginal cultural awareness training
  6. Advocate Aboriginal needs and aspirations to government departments and non-government agencies
  7. Reclaim and establish the rightful place of Aborigines as the original peoples of Tasmania
  8. Operate with the highest integrity in business in order to protect Aboriginal cultural heritage and practice as specified by the members