Telling Places in Country (TPIC)

Fieldwork Expeditions

In the language of the peoples of northeast Tasmania, carne neemerranner (PDF - 369.1 KB) is 'telling ground'. Country itself was carne neemerranner for the Telling Places in Country project.

Telling history in Country and from an Aboriginal perspective provided the framework for inquiry, its operational means, mode and mechanism.

Fieldwork formed a significant component of the project. Four major fieldwork expeditions were conducted. Expeditions followed selected legs from the journeylines of George Augustus Robinson and his party. Fieldwork expeditions were conducted between October 2007 and November 2009 and took place as far as possible on dates coinciding with their historical counterparts. Participants numbered up to 30 and included researchers and visiting academics, Aboriginal knowledge custodians (Elders, students and community members), various support crews (media, camping and surveying) as well as local landowners and managers and agency representatives.