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Linn Patsy Dr Linn Miller is a lecturer in the School of Philosophy and Research Fellow of the Community Engaged Aboriginal Research Initiative at University of Tasmania, Launceston campus. Her key research interests include theories of belonging, the interconnected ontologies of place and person, Aboriginal metaphysics and the thought of nineteenth-century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. Working alongside the chief Aboriginal researcher, Linn's role on the project included research design, fieldwork organisation and project management.

Aboriginal Researcher and Research Manager

Patsy Cameron is Aboriginal Researcher and Research Manager on the project, a historian and Elder from the islands of eastern Bass Strait. She now lives at Tomahawk, a small village on the north-east tip of Tasmanian, within ancestral clan-country and looking seaward toward her island home. She is the founding Director of Riawunna Centre for Aboriginal Education aat the University of Tasmania and has worked for several decades in the Indigenous Higher Education sector at a local and national level. She completed a Master of Arts (History) in . Her current research involves a re-examination and re-interpretation of Aboriginal histories and lifeworlds on the colonial sea frontier of northeast Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). The success of Telling Places in Country relied in great part upon her determination, as well as her knowledge of history, kin and Country.