Telling Places in Country (TPIC)


  1. To expand the scope of research derived from N J B Plomley ed. Friendly Mission, the Tasmanian journals and papers of George Augustus Robinson
  3. To retrace and re-map George Augustus Robinson's progress through Aboriginal country while on forays to make contact with the Northeast clans.
  5. To facilitate the telling of Aboriginal stories about themselves, their ancestors and their history.
  7. To reveal the northeastern Tasmanian landscape as containing places of profound socio-cultural and historical significance and raise local, regional and external consciousness of the significance of Tasmania as an Aboriginal place and landscape.
  9. To generate greater appreciation of the cultural importance of place in the shared histories of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Tasmanians.
  11. To develop a best practice model for Aboriginal community engaged and participatory research project protocols appropriate to, and salient in, the Tasmanian context.