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Deputy Director - Aspiration and Attainment

Dr Becky Shelley

Becky Shelley is Deputy Director, Aspiration and Attainment of the Peter Underwood Centre.

The Deputy Director, Aspiration and Attainment works with and through others to achieve the vision of the Underwood Centre. Drawing on a wide and collegial base of expertise in research, workforce development, community aspiration and outreach, the Deputy Director, Aspiration and Attainment:

  • leads and directs a suite of programs that contribute to increased numbers of young Tasmanians aspiring to and succeeding at higher levels of education;
  • engages in research that measures the impact of existing and new initiatives and builds a robust evidence-base for participant outcomes, program design, policy formulation and decision making, analysis and evaluation;
  • generates partnerships and collaborative relationships that build sustainability and support the objectives of the Underwood Centre.

To achieve these goals, the Deputy Director, Aspiration and Attainment will:

  • collaborate with government, not-for-profit sector, industry and communities to co-produce and implement educational aspiration and attainment interventions;
  • incubate new programs and delivery models;
  • build a team to mobilise community, institutional and industry support for the work of the Underwood Centre.

Dr Becky Shelley

The pursuit of social justice and social inclusion has been a powerful motivator throughout Becky’s professional and personal life. Becky has twenty years’ experience working at the intersection between research, policy and practice. Becky has experience devising innovative social policies and social programs within government. Becky has provided leadership to the not-for-profit sector, working with peak bodies, in national roles, and leading state operations.

Building collaborative partnerships and fostering shared purpose are key elements in her approach. A disciplinary background in political science has enabled Becky to navigate complexity in the national and local political, social, cultural and organisational contexts in which she seeks to drive social transformation.

Becky has made a contribution to a broad range of committees and advisory bodies including Ministerial Advisory Committees and Taskforces, national and Tasmanian expert advisory groups, and as a company director.

Becky enjoys leading multi-disciplinary teams and collaborating to develop and implement innovative programs and social reforms.