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Uni Hubs

School - Higher Education Learning Hubs (Uni Hubs)

Since 2017, we have worked in partnership with the Department of Education to deliver and grow our School-Higher Education Learning Hubs (Uni Hubs) at both Newstead College and Claremont College.

Our Uni Hubs contribute to the Department of Education Learners First strategic goals of access, participation and engagement and wellbeing. For the University, they offer an important initiative in expanding access to educational opportunity and which deepen the University’s collaboration with its schools, including working together on targeted place-based initiatives to increase Year 12 completion and further educational attainment.

Our Uni Hub vision

The Uni Hubs aims to work in partnership with schools to benefit its students by:

  1. Informing the aspirations of all students through building and enhancing levels of knowledge and awareness of university pathways and study and courses, particularly those offered by the University of Tasmania.
  2. Developing and providing place-based programs and links from and to the University which align with the senior secondary curriculum and/or highlight different pathways, careers and opportunities within and from higher education.
  3. Growing confidence levels amongst learners to pursue and transition to higher education, through designated support and engagement.
  4. Building a strong sense of what works for the College and its students with regards to higher education outreach and aspiration raising.
  5. Growing the numbers of students who transition to and succeed in higher education.

Our activities

The activity within each Uni Hub is tailored to the needs and priorities of each partner College.

We create, collaborate and co-design activities and engagement programs which will most benefit the students of each College and have a strong sense of what works and doesn’t work for the partner College. An example of Newstead activity is shown below.

Future Priorities and Directions

Two successful years of the Uni Hubs has enabled the time and reflection needed to refine and consolidate the program and drive its direction for the future.

Both sites in collaboration with their school executive revisited the vision for the Hubs and created priorities, strategies and monitoring and review indicators for 2020 which will guide activity at each site, and which is tailored to context.

These plans align with other strategic goals of the school including school improvement and the introduction of academic support and extension programs.

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