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University Foundation Committee

MemberNameTerm Expires
Chair (Council member appointed by Council)The Hon. Michael Field AC

31 December 2020

Vice-Chancellor (ex officio) or nominee

Ms Kate Robertson

Ex officio

Chief Operating Officer (ex officio)

Mr David ClerkEx officio

Council appointed members

Dr Damian Bugg AM QC
Mrs Yvonne Rundle

31 December 2020
30 June 2021

Alumni Committee member

Associate Professor Ashley Townsend

30 June 2020

Friends of the University members

Ms Susan Gough
Dr David Warren
Mr Peter Worrall

30 June 2020
30 June 2021
31 December 2020


Mr Alastair McDougall

Attendees (as appropriate):
Chair, Friends of the University
Mr Gerald Loughran

The Terms of Reference for the Committee are included in Ordinance 20 – University Foundation Committee.