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Government Relations

Strategic priorities and opportunities for the University are determined through the deliberations of the Vice-Chancellor and the Senior Executive in agreement with the University Council.

The Vice-Chancellor, as the chief academic and chief executive officer of the University, is responsible for leadership in the external relations of the University at local, regional, national and international levels. The Vice-Chancellor (or delegate) is responsible for initiating engagement with senior representatives from government and external bodies on new initiatives and strategic matters.


Partnerships sit at the heart of our Strategic Direction. The University has signed a number of memoranda of understanding demonstrating a shared and aligned vision for the state in relation to driving better higher-education outcomes.

We acknowledge that as the only university on the island we have both an opportunity and a responsibility, to play a major part in shaping our state's future; its economic viability and prosperity, its cultural and intellectual life and its environmental sustainability. We recognise at the same time that the benefits of partnership must be balanced with the authority and authenticity that accompanies independence.

This spirit is embodied in the partnerships we have formalised in memoranda demonstrating a united approach to, and shared understanding of, the crucial role education will play in creating a more prosperous future for all Tasmanians.