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Strategic Direction

Conversation and collegiality are at the heart of universities. Last year we conducted a series of cascading conversations that started with a set of questions about the nature of our mission and how we wanted to characterise the University of Tasmania.

That thinking came together in our Strategic Direction document in November 2018. It emphasised themes of being:

  • place-based and globally connected
  • right-sized and responsive
  • regionally networked to provide quality and access; and
  • being people-centred.

While conversations should be ongoing, equally, they need to settle so they can guide our decisions and our choices.

Following the launch of the Strategic Direction last year, each College and Division within the University has worked hard to identify and articulate the strategies that will enable the University to work towards achieving our mission to make a difference for Tasmania and from Tasmania to the world.

The result is our new University Strategic Plan 2019-2024.

Together, these documents enable us to work on a five-year horizon so that our choices will be guided by a long-term view. You can download a copy of the University Strategic Plan and the Strategic Direction documents here:

University of Tasmania Strategic Direction November 2018 (PDF 735.9 KB)

University of Tasmania Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (PDF 2.5 MB)