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Strategic Direction

November 2018

Conversation and collegiality are at the heart of universities, and this year we have been having rich discussions around a series of themes that could guide our future.

Space for such conversations should always be available. Equally, there comes a point when we need to settle some of those themes, so they can guide our decisions and our choices. Now is a good moment to summarise where we are settling as we move from these broad discussions about identity and direction to detailed planning.

These conversations have shaped a view that our University be place-based, but globally connected and excellent, and right-sized and responsive. Also, that it shifts its operating approach from a hub-and-spoke model to one which is regionally networked and designed to deliver quality and access to higher education for the whole state.

We have highlighted the importance of a people-centred approach, of working with each other through the College model to deliver our mission, and to find simpler ways to operate so more of our time is spent on what matters.

Please download the University of Tasmania Strategic Direction brochure below.

Strategic Direction brochure [PDF 736KB]