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Strategic Direction

The University of Tasmania’s strategic direction (PDF 735.9 KB) was developed through a consultation process, based on conversations held throughout the University in 2018. These conversations made clear that we wanted to be a university that is:

  • Place-based and globally connected
  • Right-sized and responsive
  • Regionally networked to provide quality and access;
  • People-centred.

The University Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (PDF 2.5 MB) shows how the University and each of its Colleges and Divisions is working to achieve this, focusing on our mission to make a difference for Tasmania and from Tasmania to the world. With a five-year horizon, the Strategic Plan allows us to be guided by a long-term view, while being responsive to any changes in the context in which we operate.

Copies of these documents can be downloaded here:

University of Tasmania Strategic Direction November 2018 (PDF 735.9 KB)

University of Tasmania Strategic Plan 2019-2024 (PDF 2.5 MB)